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In Memory of Sandy Turpin

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  Sandra D. Turpin

She spread the love of Jesus To those who were in need

 She freely gave of her time To plant God’s precious seed  

 Not once did she complain Even in the freezing rain

 She smiled through the cold To bring joy to those in pain  

 Her smile was so infectious Exit 0 friends would agree

 Sandy we love you so much In our hearts you’ll forever be  

(c) Litha Sonner March 30, 2011

On March 29 2011 one of our beloved Volunteers from the Monday night crew Sandy Turpin passed away due to a sudden illness. Sandy will be deeply missed. Please keep her family & friends in your prayers.

Corydon Demercrat Obituary

Here are some of the Blogs Sandy Wrote for Exit 0 …

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The family request memorial gifts to be sent to Jesus Cares at Exit 0 – 2237 Birch Drive Clarksville, IN 47129 

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wow what a night it was at exit 0. it was a great time talking with friends and seeing new ones. Man God has a way to tug at our heart strings. I was asked if i liked serving at exit 0 and that was an easy yes. then i was asked if i have ever been mistaken for Jesus. And when i said no not that i know of this man then asked me what i was doing wrong. That really made me think of how we are to be Christ like and if we are not mistaken for Him then we need to keep working towards that goal. then later in the evening i was talking with one of the guys and he was talking about how early he got up so he could get across the river to see if he could find some work for that day and the Holy Spirit said  hey goof ball you can be going this way at that time so now it is time to get to work to be more like Jesus

On the way to Exit 0 tonight we got pulled over by the police and got a ticket for a headlight being out on the car.  We were only going to Exit 0 to simply take a cover to John and clean clothes to Troy.  Simple drop off, then home to spend the evening together all alone, no kids.  The kids are in Terre Haute with their grandma.  John told us that he had hurt his leg when he fell down the concrete under the bridge last night.  He asked us to take him to the hospital.  We drove him there and signed him in.  He said he’d be okay and that we could go.  The receptionists there were a little rude and I really didn’t want to leave him.  But, he assured me it was okay to leave.  So we left.  I thought about telling Wade to go back but I didn’t.

 On the way home we pass a lady pulled over on the side of the interstate. She had her window open and she was frantically  swinging her arms back and forth.  We pull over and walk back to her.  When we get to her we find out that she is deaf.  She could  speak (but she was hard to understand).  She could somewhat read lips.  She asked if we could help her and of course we said yes.  But she just sat there shaking.  She kept saying “Can I trust you?” She said this a few times.  Then motioned to Wade pointing toward me.  Then she asked me “Can I trust you?”  I said yes, but she still seemed unsure.  Then I felt God showing me Wade’s hoodie.  His hoodie said “Jesus Cares @ Exit 0”.  I pointed to the word “Jesus” and she started to cry.  She then locked up her car and went with us to the next Exit.  The whole way to the Walgreens (where we called her family) she clinged tightly to my arm and would not let it go.  We waited with her there until her grandchildren got there.  She showed her grandchildren the hoodies (both of ours had the name Jesus on them).  She told them that’s why she trusted us.

 Her faith and trust really had nothing to do with us.  Her faith and trust was in the name of Jesus.  That name made her feel safe.  There is no other name in heaven or on earth as powerful as the name of Jesus Christ.  Simply pointing to that name eased her fears because she knew He had this and would protect her.  And to think, had I told Wade to go back to the hospital, we may have missed Martha.  Thank you Jesus for shutting my mouth!

 God is amazing! I love you Jesus!


Our affiliation with Exit 0 happened without any planning on our part. We had taken our grandson, Andrew, to an event at Northside. The Tooey’s were there talking about the movie, “The Blind Side.”  Listening to them, we realized that we were falling very short of what God needed for us to be. We wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, but how do you do that?

 After the program was over, our grandson spotted people selling tee shirts in the lobby. Are my grandkids the only kids that think they have to have tee shirts everywhere they go? Anyway, the shirts were Exit 0. As we were looking for a shirt in his size my husband was asking what Exit 0 stood for. The explanation touched our hearts. People who love God, helping to serve the homeless and hungry. We were in from the start!

As much as my husband and I were looking forward to serving these folks, I think our 14 year old granddaughter was even more excited. When we got set up at our first meal, Sadie’s job was to hand out the plastic ware. As the line passed by her, one of the men told her that it was his 34th birthday. We left after serving lunch and returned home until time to serve the evening meal. While we were busy doing chores around the house, Sadie was in the bedroom. I thought she was taking a nap. Instead, she was doing something that has forever changed a life. She made a simple birthday card for the man she had met earlier that day. She didn’t even know his name, but wanted him to know that someone cared that it was his special day. She had written the words “Jesus loves you” on the bottom of that card.

That evening when we returned to serve the evening meal, Sadie gave the card to her new friend. The reaction wasn’t what she expected. Instead of a smile, he began to weep. He left the group and stood off by himself. I watched him as he opened the card. He shook his head and wept some more. He did that several times and finally walked over to Sadie. I don’t think I have ever been so proud of our granddaughter as I was in that moment. She looked at Demone and he looked at her. Then both opened their arms wide and hugged each other. After more tears (I’ll admit it, I was crying like a baby at this point) he told her that he hadn’t ever heard anyone say Jesus loves you. He had at some point in his life decided to become Muslim. I’m not sure how or why he made that decision, but it obviously wasn’t something that gave him peace. I know this because a few weeks later Sadie asked him to attend church with us at Northside. He has been there with us once and will be back. He is holding down 2 jobs and is working hard to get back on his feet again.

Later we found out that this man had been coming to Exit 0 for approximately 2 years and no one had ever been able to get him to carry on a conversation. God used Sadie to begin a healing in this man. She was just doing something that comes so naturally to her, and she didn’t even realize that God was using her in a mighty way.

Demone told us that he was planning on doing something bad the night of his birthday. I never asked if it was something he planned to do to himself or to someone else. He told us that Sadie had probably saved his life (or someone else’s). Thank God he was ready to be accepted and know that people really do care about him and the others who have fallen on hard times.

Don’t ever underestimate what a small gesture of kindness can make in another person’s life. Something as simple as a smile or a card made out of notebook paper can be a treasure to someone who has absolutely nothing.

If God has put a passion in your heart for the hurting, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he needs you in Africa. Maybe your calling is right in front of you. We have a great mission field right here in Southern Indiana.

Tonight was an amazing night.  Lots of women from Northside Christian Church came to Exit 0 to serve today.  They brought so much food with them that there was enough leftovers for the Louisville camp and for Haven House (the homeless shelter in Jeffersonville).  A very special thank you to everyone who showed up and shined the light of Jesus tonight!

You know… when I write these blogs I ask myself… “How did I see Jesus tonight?”  Well, tonight, I saw Him in so many faces that I lost count!  I saw Him in ladies handing out snack bags for our homeless friends to take back to their tents, bridges, or wherever they may be staying tonight.  I saw Him in the faces of the ladies who sat down and ate at the tables with our homeless brothers and sisters.

I could go on and on about where I saw His light shining tonight… but I saw it shining the brightest in the faces of a couple who have dedicated their life to this ministry.  And when I say dedicated their life, I mean Exit 0 is in their life every single day… it’s part of who they are.  I am so inspired by their passion for this ministry and I thank God that they love Him enough to do what they are doing!  I don’t think I have to say who they are, most of you probably already know. And, honestly, it doesn’t matter their names, because they are shining the light of Jesus bright tonight and every night… and I know they want to give Him all the glory and praise!

Thank you Father & “Exit 0” for letting my husband and I be a very tiny part of this ministry!

God Bless,


A cold rainy night

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wow what a cold, wet evening it was. I think the temperature dropped 10 degrees while we were at Exit 0 tonight. and God sent his army of servants out on this cold rainy night to feed his children. When Covenant Life Church showed up it looked like an army convoy had pulled up. It was an army of Gods servants they all had big smiles on their faces and ready to serve the people there to eat for the night. and when they was done serving they went and spent time with the people at exit 0. one lady would ask if she could give them a little card and on this card was a little prayer. Then her pastor came by and she asked if she could give him a little prayer card. i thought it was nice and said to myself hey they need prayer to. you know we all take the things we have for granted. i set here on my couch it my house and say i am still chilled an hour and a half after getting home and most of the people that came out to eat tonight doesn’t have a home to go into and get warm. so i ask each and every one of you reading this to stop and pray giving GOD thanks for all the blessings he has giving you and pray that He take care of all of his children on the streets.

God Bless

Do you know how cold it is outside tonight? Well I’d venture to say (along with a few others from the Monday night crew) that this is one of the coldest nights. Not necessarily from the temperature, but because of the wind and the rain combined. I’m sitting at home and still shivering. But at least I have a home, please pray for those who do not.

On this very cold night at Exit 0, dinner was served by Covenant Life Church of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Even in the wind and the rain so many servants of Christ showed up that there was at least a 1 to 1 ratio between those serving and those being served. It was amazing to see God’s love shining through tonight!

Pastor Rick opened up with a Scripture, then a prayer. After everyone got their food, those serving began walking around talking to everyone. It was so great to see the smiles on their faces… especially in this cold! They were so happy to be serving.

As I was standing there shivering, I was reminded of a song lyric… “Such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary, but nevertheless, we lay it at your feet.” No matter how cold, how hot, or how wet it may be out… it’s well worth it to be there serving Christ! The temporary cold, heat, or wetness is nothing compared to what Christ did for us on the cross.

Thank you Jesus for Covenant Life Church, and for their willingness to offer their bodies as living sacrifices for you by braving the weather and serving with joy! We all saw Jesus tonight in each and every one of their faces!

God Bless all who served tonight,

Litha Sonner

While serving Jesus down at Exit 0, I have developed many new friendships …. not just with the volunteers but with the homeless, I Love these men and women . 

The day started with me thinking God was going to use me to show his Love, but that what happened was he showed me his Love through a homeless couple Ray and Karen…. me and my Guy 🙂 was suppose to go on a double date with them lastnight for Valentines Day. But once we arrived Ray walked up and said  they couldn’t go …. so I asked him Why? He explained that they had taken a new couple in at the camp and was trying to get them set up , they had brought the young lady with them and they didn’t want her to walk back by herself…. and then he introduced me to the lady, I asked how long she had been on the streets , she said about 4 months, I asked if there was anything they needed , and she said that Paul was giving her some pillows, but Ray and Karen had helped them out and was taking care of them, I asked again if there was anything I could do….then she said , Just Pray….I asked her , what do you want me to Pray for…. she said that her husband  had lost his job, because he was sick he was not able to get another job,  she explain that he has been diagnosed with colon cancer, and he needed his treatment , but they didn’t have health care , money and they will not do treatment him while he was on the street, due to risk of infection….through her tears I could see the Love she had for her husband, and she told me  how he wanted her to go to a shelter but she said she wasn’t leaving him…of course when Paul heard what was going on he immediately went into action trying to see what he can do…. this ministry is Amazing , we don’t just feed there Stomachs ,we feed their hearts with Love, the Love of Jesus is the most fullfilling meal you will have… we don’t know what the outcome will be , but God does and he is in control, he brought her to us through a homeless couple , who was being Jesus to her…. Ray and Karen could have left her behind to go to a restuarant and eat , but they didn’t they had compassion on her , and brought her and her husband into their camp , gave them shelter, fed them …. and this isn’t the only couple they have helped … but what Amazes me is that Karen kept calling their place their home….and it is , and they are inviting others in…. they might not have money but what they do have they give freely, and your status in soceity dosen’t matter when you are serving the Lord , and that is what they are doing… so lastnight was a huge lesson for me on Love, compassion, commitment, and what it means” for better or worse” …and what it means to Love your Neighbor! May God pour Blessings on this couple…..All to HIM be the Glory



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First of all I want to say that today is the day… 26 years of sobriety for our friend Vernon from Exit 0.  I’m so proud of him!  He looked so handsome in his suit tonight!  I was so excited for him!  Thank you Jesus for helping Vernon to change his life!

 I have seen Exit 0 change lives too.  I know it’s changed my entire mindset.  I have seen it bring a young woman back to church with a testimony that will be awesome when she finishes writing it!  And I’ve seen it take one of Wade’s high school friends, who was done with religion, and totally turn her life around… soon after she gave her life to Christ and was baptized.  And now as a result her daughter is being baptized.  All because of Exit 0.

So if anyone asks me, how can Exit 0 really save lives if they are still on the streets at the end of the night (believe me I’ve been asked that)… I will tell them the stories of these ladies.  God is so awesome!  I thank God for the Exit 0 ministry.

 If you would like to help or donate to the Exit 0 ministry, contact me and I’ll get you in touch with the right people.  Or you can click on Paul or Michele Stenrud’s picture on the left (they are tagged in this message) and contact them directly.

God Bless all those who serve, especially the Monday night crew… I love you all!